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  • Growth and Change

    They’re not looking at your faith based on how many scriptures you can quote. They’re looking for your faith when the oven is on broil or your dwelling place is a glacier. They’re looking at how you rise after failure. Yours or someone else’s whom you love. YOU WILL FAIL from time to time. To […]

  • Not Too Deep

    Shallow water is fun to splash in, but you’re not planning for a full on swim with those bright yellow boots on. Swimming in the deep end of the pool is for people who know how to. It’s a gradual process and should be taught by a truly qualified instructor.  How about those times when you’ve waded into […]

  • What’s _______Got To Do With It?

    Fill in the blank. You must, yourself. You are operating functionally from somewhere. Your place of motivation.  What exactly is that? Why do you do what you do? If you could slice the pie differently right now, knowing what you now know, what would you do differently? Be realistic. This morning while playing Frisbee with Rambo, […]

  • Books, Music, Art & Such

    To have the freedom to go to a library is a wonderful thing. Growing up, along with music, it was my next best escape. I tell you the library was wonderful. Whether it was the school library or the town’s library, or the one in the next state over, the library offered a type of sanctuary. […]

  • Speak Over Me

    Speak Truth over me Speak Truth over me Cause our blinded eyes won’t see that You died to set us free Speak Truth over me Speak Peace over me Speak Peace over me In a world of tragedy where evil laughs at tears of grief Speak Peace over me We push You away Then we […]

  • A Tale of Two Cashiers

    My cashier is distracted and keeps turning back around to see her fellow teammate at the next checkout line. She gave me the normal salutation and of course I responded back with the same pleasantries. Who is ever ready for the “what happens next” scenarios? She began to tell me I wouldn’t believe what just […]

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