Not Too Deep

Shallow water is fun to splash in, but you’re not planning for a full on swim with those bright yellow boots on.

Swimming in the deep end of the pool is for people who know how to. It’s a gradual process and should be taught by a truly qualified instructor.  How about those times when you’ve waded into the deeper end of that sweet gem and  didn’t quite realize it until panic was in you, on you and all around you?  Oh it happens.

We don’t have control over anything at all?   Of course we do.    There’s a vast array of what we can control.   Sort of. Making safe decisions always leads to perfection in outcomes right?! Of course not.  That would be human reliance solely upon human reliance. Surely we don’t process like that.   That’s a satirical philosophy.   (I like to use big words especially when I think I have the correct spelling and definition.  (moving forward)

Room Temperature is not always a bad thing.  Water related blog clearly.

Unexpected Love is sweeter still.  It’s life enhancing if not life saving.  In some cases, I know it’s life saving.

Don’t make demands and don’t hold people hostage.   Where’s my alphas at yo?  “Type As” with a side of sanguine and intuition which almost always conflict within each other?  I’m not alone in this particular section of the universe.    Grateful for that “knowing.”

Part IIs, any Part IIs who are holding on and hopeful?   Deep breathes slowly…inhale for 3, exhale for 7,  lips closed, tongue to roof of mouth.  Maybe 3 times…shoes and socks off when you can.  Feet on floor, grass, sand, water.

I’ve had to discover more so of what I’m not,  with great pain at times, to figure out who I am and where my strengths lie.  Sound familiar? Thankfully,  the strengths are transferable.  Now, just like you, it’s a matter of where and when to apply them.  You nor I can afford the price of waste.

How’s your kale juice?

Busy, busy, society.  Metropolitan. Country.  Home.  All of the above.

For such a time as this,

Sue  – ” Susie Speak”










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